“What does it mean that God speaks in a still small voice?”

There is only one place in Scripture where God is said to speak in a “still small voice,” and it was to Elijah after his dramatic victory over the prophets of Baal (1 Kings 18:20-40). Told that Jezebel, the wife of Ahab, king of Israel, was seeking kill him, Elijah ran into the wilderness and collapsed in exhaustion. God sent an angel with food and water to strengthen him, told him to rest, and then sent him to Horeb. In a cave there, Elijah voices his complaint that all of God’s prophets had been killed by Jezebel and he alone had survived. God instructed him to stand on the mountain in His presence. Then the Lord sent a mighty wind which broke the rocks in pieces; then He sent an earthquake and a fire, but His voice was in none of them. After all that, the Lord spoke to Elijah in the still small voice, or “gentle whisper.”

The point of God speaking in the still small voice was to show Elijah that the work of God need not always be accompanied by dramatic revelation or manifestations. Divine silence does not necessarily mean divine inactivity.Zechariah 4:6tells us that God’s work is “not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit,” meaning that overt displays of power are not necessary for God to work.

Because He is God, He is not confined to a single manner of communicating with His people. Elsewhere in Scripture, He is said to communicate through a whirlwind (Job 38:1), to announce His presence by an earthquake (Exodus 19:18), and to speak in a voice that sounds like thunder (1 Samuel 2:10,Job 37:2,Psalm 104:7,John 12:29). InPsalm 77:18, His voice is compared to both thunder and whirlwind. And inRevelation 4:5, we’re told that lightning and thunder proceed from the throne in heaven.

Nor is God limited to natural phenomena when He speaks. All through Scripture, He speaks through His prophets over and over. The common thread in all the prophets is the phrase, “Thus says the Lord…”. He speaks through the writers of Scripture. Most graciously, however, He speaks through His Son, the Lord Jesus. The writer to the Hebrews opens his letter with this truth: “Long ago, at many times and in many ways, God spoke to our fathers by the prophets, but in these last days he has spoken to us by his Son, whom he appointed the heir of all things, through whom also he created the world” (Hebrews 1:1-2).

The difference between God speaking through the thunder and whirlwind, then through the still small voice can be also considered as showing the difference between the two dispensations of law and grace. The law is a voice of terrible words and was given amidst a tempest of wind, thunder, and lightning, attended with an earthquake,Hebrews 12:18-24, but the Gospel is a gentle voice of love, grace, and mercy, of peace, pardon, righteousness, and the free gift of salvation through Christ. The law breaks the rocky hearts of men in pieces, shakes their consciences, and fills their minds with a sense of God’s fiery wrath and punishment they deserve, and then the gospel speaks gently to them of the peace and pardon available in Christ.

It is less important how God speaks to us than what we do with what He says. God speaks most clearly to us in this day through His Word. The more we learn it, the more ready we will be to recognize His voice when He speaks, and the more likely we are to obey what we hear.

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Saying goodbye Was the hardest thing to do

I never thought I would Especially not to you.

You always listened And knew what to say

Knew when to give a hug

When I was having a bad day.

No one will ever take your place

I can always promise you this

It’s hard to find someone like you

So know you’ll always be missed

Nations In Transition Nations In Transformation

In the midst of the rugged terrain, a great army of believers is raised. In the toughest times, the best are reproduced when they fear and tremble. God’s salvation draws nigh. The virgin and the barren shout for joy. They see it. They feel it. They prophesy it. They declare it (Is. 54:1). God does a sign and a wonder. He implodes into the redeemed and they manifest His Word and express the dimensions of His Spirit in their lives. This implosion within, results in the radiance of His Glory manifesting in their “Body” (Remember Mt. Transfiguration; Remember Is. 60:1). “Arise Shine for your Light has come and the glory of the Lord has risen upon you .”

We are about to see the surpassing greatness of His power that works mighty within us, manifesting outward (Eph. 1:19-20). How long will this power be operating and building inside us? It is God who is working within us both do will and do His good pleasure (Phil 2:12-13). At some point it has to manifest. At some point it has to find its place of expression. “Out of your innermost being will flow rivers of living water. But He spoke of the Holy Spirit who was yet to come…” (John 7:38-39).

God is looking for a people He can call His own possession (I Pet. 2:9). God is looking for a people on whom He can lavish His blessings and care (I Pet. 2:10). God is looking for a company of priests who will capture His Presence and His habitation will be among them (I Pet. 2:9). God is looking for a model nation, He can unveil to all the collapsing nations who are not under God’s good governance (I Pet. 2:9). God wants us to be proclaimers, expressers, and carriers of His great glory; the Light and Life of God Almighty (I Pet. 2:9-10).

This will be the day of God’s visitation upon the earth (I Pet. 2:12). We await this day of God manifesting in us and through us. This day is here upon the earth. All eyes will be upon His people, the Church, the Body, the Family, that will express Him fully.

This is what He is building. This is the purpose of Salvation. This is the purpose of the Church (I Pet. 2:4-8).

All the overemphasis of ‘five-fold-ministries’ in the 80’s, the overemphasis of ‘mega-churches’ in the 90’s, and the past overemphasis of charismatic experiences of the 70’s will fade away. When Christ is truly preached and He is fully revealed and attested to us by God with miracles, signs, and wonders, the Days of Visitation and the Outpouring would be here upon the earth.

We need the Church to rise to Her place of honor and dignity. God ha s given us the blueprints and the resources of a good and honorable people. Let us build an Enduring Home for Him. The church will become the Epicenter and Hub of divine activity and a tactical headquarters for God to manifest in (Habitation) and manifest through (Visitation) us.

This well-ordered house must be accurately built for Kingdom advancement. Most churches are built for CHURCH WORK and not for the WORK OF THE CHURCH!

The WORK OF THE CHURCH has already been defined as:


Those who wants God’s divine provisions and supply of the Spirit and gain access through the church.


God can pass through the church to visit the earth. When He moves in the church, He can touch the whole community.
This is the ACCESS FOR God THROUGH YOUR CHURCH (An Open Favor).

3. BEING THE HOUSE OF GOD (Gen. 28:17)

God dwells there. He lives there. He is ever present and people have His Presence.
This is the SIZE OF God IN YOUR CHURCH (An Open Intimacy). You will soon forget the size of your church!


Truth is not compromised. Pastors do not dilute the truth. Give it to them without compromise but with wisdom. Many shift from quality to quantity when their churches grow in numbers. They change their diet because of the new people, but the new people came into the church because of an uncompromised message in the first place! When the church is smaller we honor God totally, but when the church gets a little bigger we honor God and everyone else! We are afraid to lose what we have tried so hard to gain! This is why 90% of all churches mutate into a self-defeating organization. What we did not want to have when we were smalle r;(the type of membership) we tolerate having when we get bigger.

The church must keep its message pure and clean if it wants to keep righteousness as its currency on earth. She must clothe herself in garments of righteousness.


This is God’s House that houses His family. True care and genuine love is built into the infrastructure of all its programs and activities. They care for their own and are accurately connected in integrity, honor, and accountability. God’s love, compassion, and concerns are shared meaningfully in the context of covenant there.

We find our home. We find our sense of belonging. We find our place. We find our sphere of responsibility. We know the limits of our authority and accountability. We know we are home in His Presence and before His people.


The proceeding word is always heard and proclaimed in our midst. The wo rd of God is not rare or infrequent. The heavens are open and God is always speaking freely and clearly so that we can be His Voice on the earth. The church has been silenced because of strange voices in their midst. The voice of the people, the voice of other spirits, and the voice of the world and the voice of error have clamored the space for God’s Voice. In many places there is not even a still small voice!

The pastor speaks his own mind and imagination. He speaks what will benefit him by getting the people to do what will bring him the blessings, etc.

He is trained to sheer the wool because he feels entitled because of his labor and sacrifice. The end justifies the means. The fat and sleek shepherds; these wicked men who dwell among God’s people.

A new breed of true shepherds are rising, replacing the Eli’s. A new breed of prophets are rising like Samuel, young but those who know the Lord and His voice.

God will not allow any on e of their words to fall to the ground. He will fulfill His word in their mouth (I Sam. 3:19).


The church has an unusual role to preserve and protect the environment from destruction and corruption.

We speak the word that will give people the power to escape the corruption and destruction that is in the world (II Pet. 1:4).

We speak the word that will cause them to become born again and translate them from the domain of darkness to the kingdom of His Beloved Son (I Pet. 1:23, Col. 1:13)

We speak the word that will recreate the environment and rebuild the ancient ruins (Ez. 37:4-7, Is. 61:4).

We are the salt that preserves; we are the light that shines in darkness.

In the climatic situations that are fast becoming chaotic and destructive, the church has to learn to rise and rule. We may not be able to stop all the rain or flood or earthquakes, but we must carry our people and community through, both emotionally, socially, financially, etc. God must give us the power to prevail and the grace to govern in all situations:

– To help the weak and strengthen them.
– To heal the sick and deliver them.
– To save the lost and release them to touch other lives.
– To impart His grace and gifts and multiply capable men to represent Him.
– To multiply honorable workforce so that the work of the church is done!
Build the local church so that:

– Its BEING is better than its SINGING and DANCING.
– Its BEING is better than its BUILDINGS and ASSETS.
– Its BEING is better than its STATUS and TITLES.
– Its BEING is better than its PERSONALITY and FAME.
– Its BEING is better than its RHETORIC and ADVERTISEMENT.
– Its BEING is better than its SYSTEMS and Technology.
– Its BEING is better than its PROJECTIONS and PRO FITS.
– Its BEING is better than its POSITIONS and PROGRAMS.



May our churches BE THE PREVAILING POWER AND THE GRACE TO GOVERN when all else is falling like autumn leaves!


“PROPHETIC WORD FOR ISRAEL (PEOPLE OF GOD) in the next 26-30mos – Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia”

  1. “PROPHETIC WORD FOR ISRAEL (PEOPLE OF GOD) in the next 26-30mos – Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia”God manages time
  • The enemy will alter time
  • Prepare everybody in the right place within the next 26-30mos
  • God will take everything in the right place Acts 1&2
  • You do your part and get involved
  • Kingdom truth: no more individual ministry

2. Align people to corporate purpose

  • It’s about all of us – our corporate destiny

3. God will give church Kingdom authority and power  – God will give us everything / enough all the              way therefore  let’s choose to go all the way

  • You’re not inviting people to church to feel revival but to train and send them out to their own nation to take revival back to the Lord Jesus Christ
  • Provisions will be there
  • The church takes authority
  • Ask God to give you everything in the next 26-30mos to equip the next generation
  • Everything will be available to you for you to go all the way
  • What happens to him will determine how long we are
  • Water will spring out from the rock, Ezekiel 36:22-38, John 4:13, Gen 7:11
  • The full capacity of what is inside you must come forth
  • Romans 8:9, Acts 16:6
  • Two-way communication – it could be your spirit or His spirit
  • He want to be a begotten son and become adoption of sons , Lk 3:37-38, Eph 1:4-5, 1 Pet 1:10, Gen 3:20; 1:3
  • In eternity, there is no time


  1. 1. Create atmosphere of God-consciousness in every serviceREDESIGNING WORSHIP DIMENSION in THE CHURCH

–          Emphasis is not music, talent, personality nor songs

–          It’s the worshipper that brings down God’s presence

–          People change when God is present

–          Skills are very easy, non-christians can do it too… but to be God-conscious is going to the next level

2. Saturate the team with the spirit of worship and prayer so that they become carriers before they become proclaimers

–          Promote yourself with life!

–          Use your voice to connect

–          Use every channel to connect

–          Only people who are full can contribute

–          We can’t minister out of emptiness

–          Good intention is not enough in worship

–          You must carry the ark of God

–          Saturate after practice and before Sunday service

3. Develop a prophetic flow in prophecy

–          Everybody must prophesy so that there’s so much inspiration Rev 19:10

–          Hear from heaven and proclaim

–          The content that you say is charging the people

–          It is what you release behind your voice

–          Prophecy must become audible

–          Sometimes we talk too much

–          If somebody has already said, don’t repeat it – if you do that, you reduce the power and the impact of that prophecy

–          Prophecy must go straight and it has no musical context

–          Don’t try to sing a prophecy

4. Develop chord progressions for spontaneous flow of language of tongues

–          This will make people’s spirit come out!

–          Take it to next key higher to build more with enough push in the spirit

5.The song leaders must lead it  in prophetic exaltation to inspire people

–          Not just intellectual

–          You don’t have to say something in systematic way

–          You must lead them to read if you need to read, don’t let them go out all coz you’re not the preacher

–          Act on a point of trust

–          That’s the power of your voice!

–          Teach the people to use the message to go to the next level

6. You gotta write songs that earth the proceeding word of the season into the church

–          Words that inspire fire

–          Songs that have heart impact

–          Songs that will burn the heart

–          Songs must have fire

7. Enhance the skill  – each individual in the team can do this by playing together regularly so that each one will know their specific contribution towards the team

–         Learn more! Cultivate your skill

–         You may be so good that you overwrite everybody

For what are you living for???

For so many, they say that life is hard to endure because of everyday struggles in terms of different aspects. Living in a nation where you are bombarded with so much pressures everywhere, finance, relationship, studies, business, self, economical stretching and more, it is really a  challenge how to live a life full of joy and peace.

How young are you? How old are you? It really doesn’t matter whatever age you are to know what you really are living for in this world. Actually it is not hard to find out the purpose of your existence in your place. As long as we acknowledge that our lives are not for our own but for the liberation of our nation, finding out your purpose in life is easy. Even though we are surrounded and restricted by the limitations of our own minds, we must breakthrough on these. If we really know that from the start God created us in His own image and likeness, we will not struggle living for a purpose coz we know who we really are in the sight of God.

Yes, we have different challenges and life stretching but we have  one God to whom we hold on to and to whom we cling our hope.  We are living for a purpose of serving Him and serving people. As I’ve said, our lives are not for our own, therefore it is a must to have a healthy mind and a healthy heart to impact other people’s lives.

I don’t know how beautiful our nation would be if this is what we believe and live for. What a wonderful place to live in where joy and peace and righteousness reign.

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Ok, ill be out on August. Away from the family and friends for about a month. And now I need atleast 19,000 for all the expenses needed for the two conferences. Oh God send someone who has a heart for this. Haha.. But then again I realized that I must work it all out to raise that money in just 3 weeks  time! Oh man! This is very challenging on my part since Im just starting to have my first job, Im not even a month here. But with these restrictions and limitations I know I must rise up and breakthrough. I might be limited by my environment but the God whom I serve is the God of NO LIMITATIONS! He can make impossibilities come into reality if only I believe and do my part. So the question now is, HOW DO I GET UP ON THESE LIMITATIONS AND CHALLENGES?? Well that’s for me to find out. I have seen and experienced how God moved and continually moves in miraculous ways on my past and now that I am in this situation, I believe Him for He is looking for faithful and accurate men on earth. I believe I count in as one! So then I’ll keep this blogsite of mine posted until God have shown His lovingkindness and so much favor to me.

Keep the FAITH burning and never limit yourself with all the impossibilities in this world. 🙂