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Strong and Valiant!

Being courageous is definitely not the absence of fear but how you overcome fear with your unconquerable heart. Attitude  is a big deal whenever we face challenges. Our reactions towards tough times reflect our character. The real you will birth forth if you are faced to hard decision making.

Hanging tough in tough times is the best way to take fear and worries away from you. You must see yourself as a mighty warrior for you to move from one maturity to another – from strength to strength. Especially if you are a leader, you need to have a strong heart, eliminate emotions from it and pursue courage among your people. You gotta be a heart surgeon, you’re not emotional but you are strong – yet you show genuine concern to others. Being wise as serpents and meek as doves.

I strongly disagree with those people most especially leaders who are too emotional, too sensitive. They say they are just human! I AM HUMAN TOO! But I don’t dwell on my emotions, I see to it that I overcome negative emotions by the Spirit abiding in me. the God we serve has already won the battle. He resides in our lives so what so hard thing we can not win over since the life inside us is INVICTUS. Be strong and Valiant my friends, coz God is looking for strong and mighty men who can turn the world up side down. You are one of those mighty men! So stand and rise above every boundary!

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Now is the TIME!

The frequency is vibrant. The need for mighty men is urgent. Lives with passion is wanted. There is no time for the so called idle time!

With the fast passing days, people become exhausted with their jobs, family problems , broken relationships, inadequate income and more! So much that people are looking for the answer to their laments. They look for one answer, HOPE!

And how do the believers work with these??? Pray and just sit back and relax?? OH well, WAKE UP! Throw away the old garment, the old mindset and take on the new garment that God has already prepared for you. Stay away from the traditional ways and religious activities you’ve been walking in and start afresh in the Lord. Remove the mask on your face and hear the proceeding Word of God for this season.

The night hour is coming and we have to prepare ourselves deeper in the Word. Know your assignment in life and run with the Lord fast. Take back the joy of your salvation and pursue righteousness in every endeavor because God is looking for that one man, one ACCURATE man to have dominion on earth.

Everything is done in the spiritual realm, all we have to do is to execute God’s mandate and become the carrier of His Word. We must be the living Word for this DYING WORLD! No more time for praying a 24-hour prayer and just wait for the heaven to respond! ARISE and be COUNTED! The time is NOW, NOW is the TIME!