Ok, ill be out on August. Away from the family and friends for about a month. And now I need atleast 19,000 for all the expenses needed for the two conferences. Oh God send someone who has a heart for this. Haha.. But then again I realized that I must work it all out to raise that money in just 3 weeks  time! Oh man! This is very challenging on my part since Im just starting to have my first job, Im not even a month here. But with these restrictions and limitations I know I must rise up and breakthrough. I might be limited by my environment but the God whom I serve is the God of NO LIMITATIONS! He can make impossibilities come into reality if only I believe and do my part. So the question now is, HOW DO I GET UP ON THESE LIMITATIONS AND CHALLENGES?? Well that’s for me to find out. I have seen and experienced how God moved and continually moves in miraculous ways on my past and now that I am in this situation, I believe Him for He is looking for faithful and accurate men on earth. I believe I count in as one! So then I’ll keep this blogsite of mine posted until God have shown His lovingkindness and so much favor to me.

Keep the FAITH burning and never limit yourself with all the impossibilities in this world. 🙂

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