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  1. 1. Create atmosphere of God-consciousness in every serviceREDESIGNING WORSHIP DIMENSION in THE CHURCH

–          Emphasis is not music, talent, personality nor songs

–          It’s the worshipper that brings down God’s presence

–          People change when God is present

–          Skills are very easy, non-christians can do it too… but to be God-conscious is going to the next level

2. Saturate the team with the spirit of worship and prayer so that they become carriers before they become proclaimers

–          Promote yourself with life!

–          Use your voice to connect

–          Use every channel to connect

–          Only people who are full can contribute

–          We can’t minister out of emptiness

–          Good intention is not enough in worship

–          You must carry the ark of God

–          Saturate after practice and before Sunday service

3. Develop a prophetic flow in prophecy

–          Everybody must prophesy so that there’s so much inspiration Rev 19:10

–          Hear from heaven and proclaim

–          The content that you say is charging the people

–          It is what you release behind your voice

–          Prophecy must become audible

–          Sometimes we talk too much

–          If somebody has already said, don’t repeat it – if you do that, you reduce the power and the impact of that prophecy

–          Prophecy must go straight and it has no musical context

–          Don’t try to sing a prophecy

4. Develop chord progressions for spontaneous flow of language of tongues

–          This will make people’s spirit come out!

–          Take it to next key higher to build more with enough push in the spirit

5.The song leaders must lead it  in prophetic exaltation to inspire people

–          Not just intellectual

–          You don’t have to say something in systematic way

–          You must lead them to read if you need to read, don’t let them go out all coz you’re not the preacher

–          Act on a point of trust

–          That’s the power of your voice!

–          Teach the people to use the message to go to the next level

6. You gotta write songs that earth the proceeding word of the season into the church

–          Words that inspire fire

–          Songs that have heart impact

–          Songs that will burn the heart

–          Songs must have fire

7. Enhance the skill  – each individual in the team can do this by playing together regularly so that each one will know their specific contribution towards the team

–         Learn more! Cultivate your skill

–         You may be so good that you overwrite everybody