There may come a time that you just cant focus yourself into something!  You are filled with so much worries, fears, doubts and so much limitations! You just wanna scream and let the whole world know what you feel until you find someone to answer your problems!

Screwed in a sense that you don’t know where to start because you are bombarded by so much expectations from people. This is what I feel sometimes. To feel that I am so much restricted by my environment! Grrr!!! But because I don’t want people to know what I feel, I keep it alone. 😦 I keep telling myself that I can do it all by myself.

But there will always be a moment of refreshing and redefining what you are doing. A  moment that you are reminded of God’s Word. A moment to renew and to relax.

Practical tips to do:

1. Sit and relax

2. Start evaluating yourself (what  are you  doing currently, what do you feel now and how do you perceive things happening around you)

3. Bring back to the refreshment of God’s Word and promises. Meditate and release to Him what you really feel.

Although God knows what is inside our hearts, He wants us to confess what we truly feel and what we are experiencing. Remember that God is looking for true and transparent people. When we tell Him what is inside our very deepest heart, that’s when things begin to be made clear in our eyes – that we can’t do APART from Him!

This is sometimes the danger among those people/leaders who see themselves perfect and so upright just because they know so much about the truth in God’s principles. I hope this would not be us, leaders of today and tomorrow, because remember that only by the abundant grace of God we get strength, power and authority.

So if ever you may come to the point of being screwed, just come boldly to the presence of our dear Father and He is faithful to make us stronger and stronger everytime we need His grace. 🙂


Can a Partner in Destiny be FOUND???

Okay, I’m 22! A lot of my friends tease me why I don’t have my special someone yet! They say I deserve to have one to be happy. Haha! I just smile at them and say, “Well, God is preparing the best guy for me! Why should I rush in falling into wrong love if God is not yet awakening my emotions.” Then they respond nothing, they just shake their heads and make some sounds like, “hmmmmm.” Haha!

Yes I’ve been into a relationship when I was in high school but that was way back 6 years! When i entered college, I begun to be more serious enough in my ministry. I had a covenant with the Lord, with my mom and with myself not to enter any kind of relationship until I finish my studies. And I thank the Lord for giving me the grace to endure the temptations and cheats of my friends. Hehe. Though I’ve been through many challenges in other kinds of relationship like friendships and family relationships still God has been faithful not to arouse the heart of a teenager like me. Well, I must say that it takes faith and a covenant to fulfill what we’ve promised to God or to anybody. If you see yourself as a generational transformer, falling into wrong time of guy-girl relationships will be just like eating peanuts. You don’t struggle fighting  against your self-inflicted emotions but you enjoy the life of being single and being assured that God is busy writing the best love story for you.

Our priorities must be set clearly so that we will be able to overcome feelings at the wrong time. Because I love God and I love His young generation, I see to it that I will model the best example to them in terms of courtship and entering into commitments.

I even thank the Lord for giving me my inspirations. Those are my friends in Christ! My churchmates who never get tired of reminding me not to fall in love in the wrong time. Thanks to my partners in destiny whom I met in Muar, Malaysia during International Youth know who you are guys! Once again I say, “THANK YOU GIRLS!”

A partner in destiny can be FOUND when you are READY! 🙂

Love on the right time, with the right person and at the right place is the Best that God has ever planned for us, young people! 🙂 Imagine a happy family all together serving the Lord! “Do not awaken LOVE until it so Desires!” There’s so much more to be a part of this young generation! C’mon!

Strong and Valiant!

Being courageous is definitely not the absence of fear but how you overcome fear with your unconquerable heart. Attitude  is a big deal whenever we face challenges. Our reactions towards tough times reflect our character. The real you will birth forth if you are faced to hard decision making.

Hanging tough in tough times is the best way to take fear and worries away from you. You must see yourself as a mighty warrior for you to move from one maturity to another – from strength to strength. Especially if you are a leader, you need to have a strong heart, eliminate emotions from it and pursue courage among your people. You gotta be a heart surgeon, you’re not emotional but you are strong – yet you show genuine concern to others. Being wise as serpents and meek as doves.

I strongly disagree with those people most especially leaders who are too emotional, too sensitive. They say they are just human! I AM HUMAN TOO! But I don’t dwell on my emotions, I see to it that I overcome negative emotions by the Spirit abiding in me. the God we serve has already won the battle. He resides in our lives so what so hard thing we can not win over since the life inside us is INVICTUS. Be strong and Valiant my friends, coz God is looking for strong and mighty men who can turn the world up side down. You are one of those mighty men! So stand and rise above every boundary!

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Now is the TIME!

The frequency is vibrant. The need for mighty men is urgent. Lives with passion is wanted. There is no time for the so called idle time!

With the fast passing days, people become exhausted with their jobs, family problems , broken relationships, inadequate income and more! So much that people are looking for the answer to their laments. They look for one answer, HOPE!

And how do the believers work with these??? Pray and just sit back and relax?? OH well, WAKE UP! Throw away the old garment, the old mindset and take on the new garment that God has already prepared for you. Stay away from the traditional ways and religious activities you’ve been walking in and start afresh in the Lord. Remove the mask on your face and hear the proceeding Word of God for this season.

The night hour is coming and we have to prepare ourselves deeper in the Word. Know your assignment in life and run with the Lord fast. Take back the joy of your salvation and pursue righteousness in every endeavor because God is looking for that one man, one ACCURATE man to have dominion on earth.

Everything is done in the spiritual realm, all we have to do is to execute God’s mandate and become the carrier of His Word. We must be the living Word for this DYING WORLD! No more time for praying a 24-hour prayer and just wait for the heaven to respond! ARISE and be COUNTED! The time is NOW, NOW is the TIME!


Whenever I am confused, I keep myself silent. I always try to hide the feeling of confusions inside of me. I won’t let people see and notice that I am in crossroads.

What are crossroads? For me, crossroads are the point of our lives when we have to answer the question, “If I choose this, what will happen?” The feeling of sympathy for ourselves would always be there. But if we will come to think of the betterment of others and what is right in the sight of God, crossroads will be easy. Nothing comes in the life of person that God is not concern. He knows everything about us. The number of our hair, the times we fall down and rise up, the success we’ve got, the heartbreaks and a lot.

So when I stand in the middle of the crossroads, I shut myself, I pray and tell God what I truly feel. I don’t have to be plastic before Him, just to come as who I am that’s what He requires. Besides God is looking at a genuine heart. As I tell Him my feelings and my concerns, I can feel His presence through His  word confirming me. His word that comforts me, His voice that tells me what to do, His very tangible hug as I feel His awesome presence, that way I am changed! My mind is cleared, my emotions are healed.

Only in His presence, crossroads are easy to take.

Who is Marilyn ‘MANE’ Diaz?

I am who I am!!! More about myself?! Im the type of person people can relate and can interact easily with,, I am a happy person and always gives a smile to everyone…

As of now, I am too excited of what God is going to pour out in His TIME as I get bigger inside and as I enlarge my capacity and let Him be inherited in my life!!!

Too excited of God’s flowing of righteousness in me as I influence and impact people and the city, THE NATIONS!!!

Many young people nowadays don’t know where they are going and have no any idea of God’s plan for their lives. But me? I know!!! God has the best plan for me,, He has given me my lifetime assignment and that is to do His will!!!

PEOPLE!!! Who read this message, I would like to let you know that God has His BEST plan for your life!!! Ignorance of His plan for you may lead to getting the least rather than His BEST!!! So PEOPLE, BE REMINDED that you have only one life to live, and choosing the right decision is what you need! IN JESUS, YOU’LL FIND LIFE!!! ETERNAL LIFE!!!!

Now if you don’t know how to have HIM, this is the time for you to know that (1) Know that We are all sinners before HIM and have fallen short of His Glory (2) You have to repent from your sins and let JESUS cleanse yourself with HIS BLOOD (3) Accept JESUS as your LORD and PERSONAL SAVIOR.

I BOLDLY tell you that if these things happen to you in a short, true and sincere prayer, You’ll be able to know God’s perfect plan for your life. READ the HOLY BIBLE and you’ll find more of JESUS. 🙂

Hoping to see you one time doing His will also… 😉 Sons of GOD!!!! 🙂

This is ME!!! I wanna share what I have to those who don’t have.. 🙂 hope you got it..:)

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Jesus for the World (My Spiritual Family)

Jesus for the World Christian Fellowship is my spiritual family. We believe that the year of 2010 is God’s year of ACCELERATION for the church. A new day for each member of the house, the time that the TRUE SONS of God will be revealed, the season of harvesting, the time of coming to the throne and beholding His glory.

JWCF believes that ONE DAY we will see the church in its glory, arising from within the lives of every people. We declare that in the year f 2010, we will be moving in a bigger and larger sanctuary (physical building ) where we all together and corporately worship the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. From young to old age we will dance and reign in life and in righteousness.

This CHURCH will be the city taker, nation builder, and mandate executers. Together we will see the church in its GLORY. 

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