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For what are you living for???

For so many, they say that life is hard to endure because of everyday struggles in terms of different aspects. Living in a nation where you are bombarded with so much pressures everywhere, finance, relationship, studies, business, self, economical stretching and more, it is really a  challenge how to live a life full of joy and peace.

How young are you? How old are you? It really doesn’t matter whatever age you are to know what you really are living for in this world. Actually it is not hard to find out the purpose of your existence in your place. As long as we acknowledge that our lives are not for our own but for the liberation of our nation, finding out your purpose in life is easy. Even though we are surrounded and restricted by the limitations of our own minds, we must breakthrough on these. If we really know that from the start God created us in His own image and likeness, we will not struggle living for a purpose coz we know who we really are in the sight of God.

Yes, we have different challenges and life stretching but we have  one God to whom we hold on to and to whom we cling our hope.  We are living for a purpose of serving Him and serving people. As I’ve said, our lives are not for our own, therefore it is a must to have a healthy mind and a healthy heart to impact other people’s lives.

I don’t know how beautiful our nation would be if this is what we believe and live for. What a wonderful place to live in where joy and peace and righteousness reign.

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